[CQ-Contest] QSL'ing

Goran Fagerstrom goran at tjansteforbundet.se
Sat Nov 8 10:23:03 EST 1997

To Ken N4UK, and all who think about QSLs or repress their thoughts
about their QSL backlog.

Reading about QSL chores, I hope that you all will be interested in an
in-depth discussion of how our 'QSLs Online by SK0UX' works. It will
be in the November issue of NCJ, which should be in your hands any day
(it probably takes a while by bulk mail to Europe).  Will greatly
appreciate comments from you.

I posted info on SK0UX' concept this summer and there have been
discussions on these and other reflectors.  Our server is working very
well, with few glitches, and we plan to use it before and during the
CQ WW CW from Cuba, by uploading logs from there to our server in
Sweden to make cards available within a day or so after the contact.

Make this a point of discussion at your local contest club, with a
live demo, if you think it's worth it!

See you in the contest, and incidentally, the Cuban authoritites have
OKed the call T49C, which we will use during the contest; with T48RCT
before on all bands and modes, incl the WARC bands.  Also if some VHF
fans read this (Florida?), energy will be radiated on 50, 144 and
possibly 432 MHz, too.  Check out http://ham.te.hik.se/clubs/sk0ux for
info on both the QSL Server and the Swedish- Cuban joint activity.

Warm wishes,

Goran SM0DRD

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