[CQ-Contest] M/S questions

Richard L. King k5na at bga.com
Sat Nov 8 15:43:57 EST 1997

At 08:28 PM 11/6/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Add a third category if you want.  But, don't change the M/S 2nd tx
>works mults rule.

Hi Doug.

I agree because I happen like the two transmitter multi-single. We
even won it at K5NA once on CW once (1991 I think). We won it using
four full stations, four towers, and a lot of serious
time-management. And I have Doug, KR2Q, to thank for sponsoring the
multi-single plaque that is hanging on my wall.

If I ever do another CQWW limited multi, the multi with two
transmitters is what I would do. BTW, "Limited Multi/Multi" is a good
name for it.

But, because I happen to like the rules for that particular category,
it still doesn't blind me from seeing that a "real" multi-single
category is needed for other folks. Fair is fair.

I think the subject has now been deaten to death. At this point, the
CQWW Committee will have to decide if they want to support a new
category or not. They are the ones that do the work and this would
just be additional workload for them. They are unpaid and do a lot of
work, sometimes without much thanks. Maybe someone that would like to
see a new M/S category become a reality will volunteer to check the
logs for that category. That might help make it happen.

73, Richard

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