[CQ-Contest] M/S questions

Douglas L. Klein, K4LT k4lt at fuse.net
Thu Nov 6 20:28:59 EST 1997

Well, I have to put in my two cents worth on the "you need a true M/S
in CQWW" thread.

I've been enjoying the M/S category in CQWW (with two transmitters)
for 20 years and have never been in a winning effort.  Ohio is not the
place to win from (although K3LR makes a convincing argument that it
is POSSIBLE), but winning has never been our goal.  Having fun has
always been our goal.

And we have fun in the M/S (2) transmitter class because it is just
that.  It is UNIQUE.  There is nothing like using the second
transmitter to hunt down those elusive mults.  Plus, if you like 160
meters (like we do at W8AV), if you have to balance the loss of qsos
for the pileup busting time, 160 meters will lose.  Not true with the
2nd tx works mults rule.

Add a third category if you want.  But, don't change the M/S 2nd tx
works mults rule.

Vy 73,

Doug, K4LT op at W8AV (ex WD8LLD)

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