[CQ-Contest] SS Exchange - Sending the other guys call.

dave at egh.com dave at egh.com
Mon Nov 10 10:56:01 EST 1997


	As log checking becomes more and more precise, it should make sense
for the one calling the CQ'er to give his call first before the exchange.
In this way, you help prevent a false qso from being logged in the cq'ers
log, and the one calling the cq'er doesn't get told later that he is a dupe
when he really calls the cq'er.  One reflector respondent mentioned that
this sort of problem happens mostly in DX contests, but I can attest that
it also happens in SS.  I lost a qso a few years ago (and its 3 qso penalty)
with a loud W1.  I know I had been calling CQ, and I also realized that he
must have been off my frequency and working someone else.  This year I tried
to work a loud W4 several times during the contest, each time being told I
was a dupe.  I didn't argue because I was paper logging, and therefore had
more chance of a mistake (so I thought).  As it was, I did find 4 unknown
dupes when I checked my log of 940 contacts.  However, I also made a mental
note that the W4 and I did not work at all in the contest.  So, he/she has
at least one possible mistake for the loggers to find.

73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

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