[CQ-Contest] Six-position coax switches

Healy, Rus RHealy at mdsroc.com
Mon Nov 10 11:49:29 EST 1997

What are y'all using for six-position (manually operated, in-the-shack
variety) coax switches? I'm looking for a reasonable mix of economy and
performance (isolation and return loss).

>From what I can ascertain in a quick look, Daiwa and Alpha-Delta make
two- and four-position switches and B&W makes five- and six-position
switches. Bird makes a beautiful coaxial six-position switch that is
good to at least 3 GHz. (This is a very nice flea-market find, but I
wouldn't want to buy one new!) I don't know much about the B&W switches
except that they cost a lot less than the others, and feel like they
lack mass (ie, substance, in the form of internal shielding).
Alpha-Delta makes the highest quality (Amateur Radio-grade) switches
I've ever seen, but they only go up to four positions.

MFJ is not even an option. Please don't mention them to me. (Thanks in

Maybe I'll build something with relays instead, but I want to explore
this option first--it's faster to whip out the old Visa than it is to
"find time" that's nonexistent!

TU. I'll summarize if there's sufficient interest.

--73, Rus, NJ2L

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