[CQ-Contest] Six-position coax switches

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at erols.com
Mon Nov 10 23:30:20 EST 1997

I have tried all of the referenced switches.  The B/W, although feeling
light-weight seems to have the best reliability as I've been using the
same switch with 6 positions for 15 years.  It has been stored in
outdoor sheds during times of neglect (off the air) and still performs

The Diawa  CS-201, 2 position switch seems to have the best isolation
and I use it for selecting rigs.

The Alpha Delta Delta-4 gets Cheers and Jeers.  My first one suffered a
direct-hit and the surge protector fused to the inside - No charge for
repairs hence = CHEERS!

Functionally this same switch shorts ANT 1 and ANT 4 together although
it's not supposed to.  This reduces the switch to a two position switch
(ANT 2 & ANT 3).  I felt that considering the damage sustained that I
should give then another chance and I bought another.

Alpha-Delta Delta-4 #2 is also dispointing.  The knob had to be
tightened before I could install it and when I connected to antenna #4 I
found that the positin was open!  I decided to open up the first switch,
although Alpha Delta advises against it and was somewhat shocked to see
what I had paid for.    I am very disappointed in the design and quality
of this product at this time.

I would like to hear if others have had similar problems with these
switched or if it's just me!

73 from Lake Moneysgone (I spent it on switches), Dan,  KW4T
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