[CQ-Contest] SS for NA Only

Dick Dievendorff dieven at email.msn.com
Mon Nov 10 18:03:31 EST 1997

And you'd be in my log.  I erred in my original "sample".  What I meant to say
is that if G4BUO called me in SS and gave me an exchange of the form "599 UK",
I'd work him and not log him.  In any given contest, if you can come up with the
exchange, and the QSO is permitted by the contest rules (or I can get it into
the logging program as a zero-point QSO), I'm obligated to log you.  And I do
log all the zero-point QSOs I make in CQWW and WPX.  I also work dupes without
comment in all contests except SS, and even in SS I will only say QSOB4 once if
someone tries to work me. I also do not remove duplicate QSOs from my log.

All of these practices stem from my observation that it's almost always as quick
or quicker to work people than argue with them about why I shouldn't work them,
and I want them to call me in the next contest, even if it is pointless in THIS

The only time I've refused QSOs is when was in the ARRL DX contest from the DX
side.  When I was at 4U1ITU I got more than a few calls, during the contest,
from Europeans.  I decided early on that if I worked one station outside US/VE
that I'd have trouble turning down others, and my score would suffer because I'd
be buried in a EU pileup.  So I ignored the EU callers, and QSYed when it became
difficult to hear the US because of the sometimes very persistent EU guys.  I
think probably almost everyone who has participated in the ARRL DX contest from
a "sometimes rare" country has observed this phenomenon.

73 de Dick, K6KR

On November 10 K5GU wrote:

>Hey, Dick!  I'm going to be one of those "pointless QSO's" weekend
>after next.  I will be doing a lot of S&P'ing, being QRP.  The idea
>that some of my mults will not be in the log disturbs me.  What
>happens when the logs are checked and they find I have ten or twenty
>mults in my log for which there is no corresponding entry in the
>mults' logs?  I'm hosed, right?
>Why not put them in the log.  "0" (zero) in the points column may have
>a negative connotation but it is meaningful to me that it appear in
>your log when my call is in the callsign column. What's it going to
>hurt? Besides, later in the contest you can have the satisfaction of
>telling me I'm a DUPE!!  Now, that's gotta be worth a "0" point.

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