[CQ-Contest] 1 X 1 Callsigns-Contest Advantage?

Jerry Boyd k6bz at c-zone.net
Mon Nov 10 23:05:06 EST 1997

Well, let's see what kind of uproar this one causes.  The new 1 X1 special
event callsign system allows the assignment of 1 X 1 callsigns for
qualified ??? special events.  The "rules" specifically indicate that such
a callsign cannot be obtained solely for use in a contest during the period
the callsign is valid.  However, the "rules" do allow the call to be used
in a contest if a contest "happens" to fall within the period the special
event call is assigned.

Well, it looks like the definition of what constitutes a "special event" is
pretty open, so we have recently seen 1 X 1's showing up in contests. 
Besides, anyone with a little imagination can conjur up a special event
which falls during a specific contest.  A California Contest Club (NOT
NCCC!) has distributed a packet message indicating that in honor of
Veteran's Day they will be operating six (6) 1 X 1 special event calls and
will be using them during SS SSB this weekend.  A special certificate will
be issued to those working 4 of the 6 with an "endorsement" for working 5
of the 6.  Their announcement specifically says that to earn the
certificate "contacts must be made during the sweepstakes contest".

IMHO this practice gives such stations a special advantage in the contest
and is questionable from an ethical point of view.  It also "waters down"
the significance of the special event callsign program.  Any others share
my view or am I over-reacting?  It seems to me that if this practice does
give an unfair advantage (because the # of such calls is limited, so even
if not unethical not all contesters would have "equal access" to such calls
in any given contest) contest sponsers might be the only ones who can
regulate the practice.  It may be that sponsors might have to "ban" the use
of such calls during contests.

Maybe, as I said, it's over-reaction.  Admittedly, in the example cited,
this has a direct effect on me as the 6 1 X 1's are guys I normally compete
against--they're in the same ARRL section I am.

Jerry Boyd

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