[CQ-Contest] 1 X 1 Callsigns-Contest Advantage?

Trey Garlough trey at kkn.net
Mon Nov 10 19:34:38 EST 1997

> I agree with Trey's comment...it's always better to be loud than funky!
> And yes, there is a confusion factor with a 1x1 call.  I was at the M6T
> multi-multi in CQWW Phone last year.  Was asked too many times for a 
> repeat of the call and what country I was in!

This reminds me of a technique I experimented with a bit during CQWW
SSB.  From HC8, there are various times we go dialing around calling
folks and they are not mentally prepared to receive a call from
someone in Galapagos, such as

  05Z: Europe is running stateside on 75 meters
  08Z: Europe is working Europe on 20 meters
  08Z: Zone 22 is running Europe on 15 meters

The new technique has to do with adjusting people's expectations in
this situation.

When I answer a CQ at these times I usually get a response like
"Something November 5914".  The old technique was to say "Hotel
Charlie Eight November" over and over, and then the other guys would
say stuff like "The Hotel Alpha Eight, again?" and then it would go
back and forth like this for a few rounds.

The new technique is to say "Roger roger roger.  You're 5-9-1-0,
5-9-1-0, 5-9-1-0.  This is Hotel Charlie Eight November."  The 59-10
is the attitude adjustement.  Suddenly the other guy realizes
something is happening that he should be paying attention to, because
he is being called by Something Good[tm].  His attention level
improves by 10 dB as he starts asking himself what countries are in
zone 10 and his hearing improves when he switches to the right

This "meaningless exchange" is one of the truly cool things about
CQWW.  Because the zone is part of this exchange, you can tell where a
guy is even when you can't copy his call (or he is not sending it very

--Trey, N5KO 

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