[CQ-Contest] Benefits of Multi-operator ONE Transmitter Category

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Mon Nov 10 20:37:44 EST 1997

T A RUSSELL wrote:

> 2 -     No Increase in Categories -  Just expand the scope of
>         Single Operator Assisted to allow a replacement  operator.
>         Restrict the category to ONE signal at ALL times with no
>         restrictions on band changes (no ten minute rule).

Tom, do us a favor...don't pollute "our" SO/Asst. category with your
perversion of multi-single.

Multi-op is just that...many guys in the chair, mult radio or not.
Single-op,. with or without packet is *one* guy in the chair. Don't
me to kick the a** of multiple old farts who can't stay awake by
can't put up a TS-520 and multi-band dipole for a mult station etc.

You want another category of multi-op, fine. Plead your case to the
contest committee...don't ruin the fun of others!

73, J.P. W2XX

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