[CQ-Contest] Benefits of Multi-operator ONE Transmitter Category

T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Mon Nov 10 06:50:49 EST 1997

BENEFITS of MULTI-Operator ONE Transmitter Category for CQ  WW

	de Tom  Russell  N4KG

1 - INCREASED  PARTICIPATION  (Domestic, DX, Expedition)

	Many people are reluctant to enter as a serious single
	operator due to the demanding time and physical 
	commitment necessary to produce a top score.  The
	M/S and M/M categories present hardware challenges
	that many are unable or unwilling to surmount.

	Multi-operator ONE Transmitter  is the perfect category 
	for 2 or 3 operators at a basic home station with at 
	least  one antenna per band.  No additional antennas / 
	radios / computer interfaces are needed to activate. 
	This is an excellent way for an elmer to "show the 
	ropes" to budding contesters.  (This is exactly how
	N4KG developed WA8YVR and WN4KKN.)

	This is the optimum arrangement for small Contest
	Expeditions....One radio, a tribander and vertical for
	the low bands with 2 or 3 people to help with installation.

2 -	No Increase in Categories -  Just expand the scope of
	Single Operator Assisted to allow a replacement  operator.
	Restrict the category to ONE signal at ALL times with no
	restrictions on band changes (no ten minute rule).

3 -	NO  CHANGES  in RECORDS.  Simply grandfather the
	present Single Operator Assisted records to the new
	Multi-ONE category since SOA entrants automatically
	qualify under the expanded scope of Multi ONE.

4 -	NO  CHANGES to other categories.  S/O, M/S, and M/M
	remain intact and  unchanged.

5 -	This is a WIN - WIN improvement to the existing format
	of the CQ  WW   DX  Contests.  Let's DO  IT !

de  Tom N4KG

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