[CQ-Contest] Benefits of Multi-operator ONE Transmitter Category

Mike Pickard mpickard at netcom.com
Tue Nov 11 04:00:06 EST 1997

T A RUSSELL wrote:
> BENEFITS of MULTI-Operator ONE Transmitter Category for CQ  WW
>         de Tom  Russell  N4KG
> 2 -     No Increase in Categories -  Just expand the scope of
>         Single Operator Assisted to allow a replacement  operator.
>         Restrict the category to ONE signal at ALL times with no
>         restrictions on band changes (no ten minute rule).
> 3 -     NO  CHANGES  in RECORDS.  Simply grandfather the
>         present Single Operator Assisted records to the new
>         Multi-ONE category since SOA entrants automatically
>         qualify under the expanded scope of Multi ONE.
> 4 -     NO  CHANGES to other categories.  S/O, M/S, and M/M
>         remain intact and  unchanged.

Whoa, no change in categories? "Grandfather" in single-op assisteds? Are 
you saying that my entry as a single-op assisted would be listed 
alongside stations with multiple operators who can rotate? If so, I 
hardly think that is a level playing (or should I say sleeping) field! 
Maybe I missed something, Tom, as I agreed with everything else you said.

I changed from single-op unassisted to the assisted class after realizing 
that my ambitions of working New Ones benefited greatly by sharing spots. 
We also had an absolutely fantastic group participation on our local 
PacketCluster in one contest. I put a lot of planning into the sleep 
strategy and would feel like one man in a relay race where there are four 
runners competing with me. Yes there still just one baton but.....

Mike K7NPN
mpickard at netcom.com

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