[CQ-Contest] Benefits of Multi-operator ONE Transmitter Category

Steve Daniel daniels at mail.bna.bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 11 06:52:08 EST 1997

Tom, give me a break. You know I often operate SOA. How can you
suggest that one guy, trying to operate as much of 48 hours as he can,
can compete with 2 or 3 guys who can work in shifts, listen on other
bands for openings and multipliers (yes, I know I can do this too but
it is much harder, and less efficient than 2 people doing it, no
matter what skill level you possess) and basically spell each other
when one is tired? Single op means just that, whether you use packet
or not. What you propose is rediculous. You want to make another
category, fine. I do understand the difference in the rules from ARRL
and CQ and agree that m/s in the CQ tests is a very demanding
category. Adding a category similar to the ARRL is fine but don't
stack multiple operators against one person. Your logic on this, that
one is multiop anyway since you use packet, is faulty. Read the
rules. ONE PERSON must do all logging and operating. Only PASSIVE
means of assistance (ie packet) may be used. You can't even use packet
to query about possible mults, band conditions, etc. Suggesting
combining this category with multiops simply shows you have forgotten
how hard it is to be a competitive single operator, whether assisted
or not. Steve, NN4T.

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