[CQ-Contest] Stateside qso's

Pete Raymond n4kw at citrus.infi.net
Mon Nov 10 07:42:15 EST 1997

Hi Rick, I've been thinking along the same lines but for a different
reason.  I stopped logging all the stateside calls unless I felt they
were actually in the contest and looking for the zone multiplier.  If
it was a fast 59 05 I logged it.  I don't understand how such a large
group can be that out of touch.  I know they have good intentions but
they are really having the opposide effect on the station they call.

It got to be very frustrating to say the least.  At various times
there were so many stateside callers (mainly from first, second, and
third call area) that it busted up my runs to Europe and I left the
freq.  Most would say "just wanted to let you know you were getting
out ok, or I'm mobile and traveling on route 128 etc.  They would
completely cover up the Europeans.  I'm sure I was not the only one
that expierenced this, I just don't know how to prevent it.  

73 Pete N4KW, Inverness, Fl.

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