[CQ-Contest] 1 x 1 calls

Steve Lufcy km0l at tfs.net
Tue Nov 11 12:54:49 EST 1997

Hi All-
I have been following the thread on 1 x 1 calls in contests with some
I have reserved the call W0R for my club to use as a special event station
to promote the city of Raytown, MO and the Raytown Amatuer Radio Club
during the holiday season. I made a special point to reserve the 1 x 1 call
during a time that it could be used in a contest or two. This would seem to
be the best way to get maximum exposure for our special event. 
After considering the options I have decided that the confusion factor
involved with the use of a 1 x 1 call is outweighed by the increased
exposure and publicity the call creates. Thus the desired effect of using a
special event callsign is enhanced by using it in a contest if the contest
participants are the desired audience.
With that line of thinking, we will use the special event call W0R in SS
ssb, to reach the desired audience and be able to use the confusion factor
in our favor to create more exposure (contacts) and have more fun. This
seems to me to be within the intended use of the special callsign system.
However, using this same line of thinking, we will probably not use the 1 x
1 call in CQWW cw, since DX is not the desired audience for our special
event and the confusion created by using that call on cw would likely be a
So hope to work everyone this weekend with our special event call W0R.
73 de KM0L Steve in KC

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