[CQ-Contest] Re: 1x1 Special Calls

Alastair Beaton beaton at wintermute.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 14:10:19 EST 1997

OK, I know there's a difference between what IS and what SHOULD BE, 
but are 1x1 calls really the best for special events?

Here in the UK, as most of you know, we have GB-prefixed calls for 
special events - AND you can pick and choose a letter combo. We might 
GB4FGC - 4th Fish Gutting Championships
GB100STP - Centenary of Soft Toilet Paper
GB5SIP - Five Stuck in Phonebox
and so on.

The largely-meaningless single-letter calls are handed exclusively to 
contesters, with the proviso that they use them in a certain number 
of contests each year.

OK, at the moment we have a daft rule which changes the numeral of 
your contest call each year (GM6V in '96; GM7V in '97, etc), but 
we're hopeful this will cease soon. 

Why not poke your 'powers that be' with sharp objects until you get 
something similar...

GM7V is offering a special 'free holiday in the Seychelles with 
GM4BAP'** incentive for stations to work us on all six bands. 
** Offer applies only to YL ops who appeared in this year's Pirelli 

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