[CQ-Contest] CQWW MS

Philip F. Krichbaum pfkski at vail.net
Tue Nov 11 14:28:09 EST 1997

The term "Multi operator single transmitter" as used in CQWW is at best
misleading. Initially one would think a couple of operators could get
together at someones station and share the operating and keep the
station on the air for the whole 48 hours without having to go without
all sleep. I know that some of us can endure this but others don't care
to put our bodies thru a physically demanding marathon session but still
wish to put forth a competitive effort, help the club score etc.
	For a multi single to be competitive you probably need at least three
stations and six or more operators. At K0UK we used five or six stations
and twelve operators. A single tower station just doesn't compete very
well within the present multi single. I think we should leave the
present multi-multi and multi-ten minute rule alone and have a true
multi operator single transmitter category. After all the idea is to
promote competition and this is a potential new category that I feel
would attract more operators to CQWW. I know several people including
myself who would like to see a multi-op QRP category but Doug KR2Q
recently told me he didn't think that one had much chance but who knows,
maybe some day. The adding of new categories to the point that nearly
everyone gets wallpaper can get carried away but I feel this multi
single one is worthy of serious consideration.

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