[CQ-Contest] The CQ M/S Issue

Roberts, Will will.roberts at cplc.com
Tue Nov 11 16:07:16 EST 1997

This thing is getting out of hand with the personal attacks, etc...

Isn't it funny how this subject comes up every year following CQWW ?

The point that was brought up that generally started this whole thing is
the fact that in CQ contests, you must have 2 stations to be competitive
in the multi-SINGLE class. The argument is not how many operators,
whether you need 6 or 60 transmitters, but the simple and ironic fact
that you can't do it well with ONE, that's all. Even W2XX's quote below
seems to agree with that point.

Bud K4ISV ( perennial M/S type & a true gentleman & scholar IMHO) made a
great point about just having fun. I agree with this, BUT - I may be the
sole exception, when I seriously enter a contest, I like to know that I
have a chance to win, or at least do well compared to the competition.
That's where the fun is for me when I'm going to spend an exhaustive
amount of time in front of a radio. 
There are certainly strategic advantages (geographic, etc.) that should
be used, but all that N4KG, K5NA, myself and others are saying is that
CQ should make M/S a category so that 2 or more persons with ONE radio
can compete against each other in the M/S class. We feel this class
would be attractive to more people, thus increasing competition. 

Personally, I like to operate M/S from the DX side in CQ contests. A
true one transmitter M/S class would increase the number of expeditions,
I believe.
As it is, there are just not as many people that have the desire and the
dollars to do a M/S expedition that requires 2 stations. 
(It would also put an end to the loathsome mult. station practice of
having to tell a guy that I can't work him because he is not a new

We are not asking for another class to be added to the mass of classes
that is already in place - just a slight rule change to make an existing
class more effective and attractive.
(end soapbox)

Very 73,

Will AA4NC 

> For a multi single to be competitive you probably need at least three
> stations and six or more operators.

>Not so...see the W2A, N2NU and K1NG scores from 1997 CQWW; the KF2ET,
N3RS and K1NG scores from CQWW 1996.  Personally, I feel that if you
go beyond 5 ops, you have thinned out your ranks beyond need.  You
really only need 2 guys (MAYBE 3) up at once.  How many teams can
really field 6-10 competitive ops for a M/S and not have some
of the guys bored to tears?

With all due respect to IQ4A etc., more than two stations are a
luxury, not a necessity.

73, J.P. W2XX
J.P. Kleinhaus, W2XX  (fdba AA2DU)
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