[CQ-Contest] Team Contesting: the "Desert Warriors"

K3UOC at aol.com K3UOC at aol.com
Tue Nov 11 15:32:39 EST 1997


I am pleased to announce our Team Contesting entry for the CQWW CW
from the Arabian Peninsula, the "Desert Warriors".  We are:

* Faisal N. Al-Ajmi, 9K2RR, operating as 9K9K  S/O AB HP

* Thomas Carlsson, SM0CXU, AB5CQ, operating as HZ1AB  SB 20 HP

* Mike Manafo, K3UOC, PJ5AA, operating as 7Z5OO  S/O AB HP

* Tony Selmes, G4KLF, ZS1D, operating as A45ZN  S/O AB HP

* Chris Darbrowski, SP5EXA, A71CW, operating as A45XR  S/O AB HP

We thought it was about time that we got organized over here in Zone
21.  Why not, eh?  This is gonna be one great party!  If the rivers
don't rise and the scuds don't fall, we'll all be there.

73, Mike
for the Desert Warriors

* also known as "Desert Worriers" or "Dessert Warriors"

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