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Tue Nov 11 19:52:12 EST 1997

Richard L. King wrote:

> Wrong again J.P.!!!

Hmm...hearing that a lot lately :-)

> The right way to do a CQWW multi-single (really Limited Multi) is to have 8
> operators and a station capable of supporting a six-band multi-multi. Six
> of the operators will be selected for their expertise on one of the six
> contest bands, 160 through 10 meters.

<good stuff snipped>

> Too bad you guys were stuck with a "standard" station, operating
> shorthanded, and having to use a terrible call like W2A. (I think that's
> what you said before) Otherwise, just think how well you might have done.
> 73, Richard

You know, you might be on to something.  On 3830, KC1XX asked me
whatwe did on Sunday?!?  I suppose we just don't have a clue....just
wait until next year...we've got that property behind KE2NL's in
contract...the D-8 Caterpillars are on order and we have the steel
mill fired up to crank out more AB-105...

Now, who was it that was selling K1AR and K1DG DNA??

73, J.P. W2XX

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