[CQ-Contest] Multi-op categories

Richard Gelber RGelber at compuserve.com
Wed Nov 12 10:35:55 EST 1997

My friend K5NA wrote:

>The right way to do a CQWW multi-single (really Limited Multi) is to have
>operators and a station capable of supporting a six-band multi-multi. Six
>of the operators will be selected for their expertise on one of the six
>contest bands, 160 through 10 meters. 

I don't agree.  A station "capable of supporting a six-band multi-multi"
with 8 operators, ought to be entering in the multi-multi category.  I'm
not saying you have to, I'm saying it's my opinion that you ought to. 
Otherwise, you're depriving the other contest participants of QSO's you
could easily be making.  You can certainly do as you choose, consistent
with the rules, but please don't try to shame the rest of the community
into creating another category we don't really need because some choose to
UNDER-ENTER in order to enhance their chances of winning.  I'll have to
side with J.P. on this one.

Rich K2WR

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