[CQ-Contest] M/S

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Wed Nov 12 09:16:58 EST 1997

I have not participated in a Multi operation, so my comments are from an
inexperienced, and therefore unbiased, observer.

Intuitively, IMHO it seems as though Multi/Single should mean Multiple
operators, and a Single transmitter-- Single means one, as in one.
The problem of a rig breaking down is very real, and any rules are
subject to abuse by those who want the ego trip of a high score more
than they want to play by the rules.  Nonetheless, it seems to me that
the problem could be addressed by a rule stating that a transmitter
may be withdrawn from its role as the single, and therefore only,
transmitter in use during the contest for servicing, and if so
withdrawn and replaced by a substitute transmitter, it must remain out
of the game for a period of 30 minutes minimum.  This precludes
octupus switching between several xmitters but having "only one" on
the air at any given instant.

Again intuitively, its seems IMHO that four categories make sense:

        1. Single operator who does all functions, including NOT being
assisted by packet spotting.
        2. Single operator assisted, meaning he(she) is the only
person who touches the key or mic, but another person can log, listen
for band openings on another radio, he may use packet spotting, etc.
        3. Multi/Single which means only one Transmitter is to be used
during the entire contest, unless it breaks down, in which case it may
be repaired and returned to the fray as above.  Operators may work the
key/mic in rotation at any time.  No ten minute rule, because there is
one, and only one, xmitter in use, so QSY is unrestricted-- no need
for the rule, so no worries about rubber clocks, no running several
stations and selecting the best log for a time period to submit, and
the various other creative ways of abusing the rules.
        4. Multi/Multi, Unlimited, call it whatever, and "Run what you
Brung".  I would think only one signal per band would be a necessary
limitation, though.

I am an Old Fart, by reason of licensing, age, tuning with a light
bulb, having built my first xmitter (a 6146-- thanks Lew McCoy) and
probably several other criteria.  Personally I would enjoy working
Multi in either category-- I believe they would both be fun.

Thanks for the bandwidth, and 73.


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