James B. Neiger jneiger at xti.com
Wed Nov 12 08:35:15 EST 1997



In response to several enquiries from VK/ZL subscribers to this reflector, 
may I offer the following:

1.  As you are all too aware, ZD8 and other Zone 36 countries is the MOST 
DIFFICULT area of the world for you to work.  This is due primarily to the 
imposition of the Antarctic region between us on the short path, and 
effects predominantly Eastern Australia and New Zealand.  Western 
Australia to ZD8 communications is easily accomplished via the Short Path.
However, with the exception of occasional Short Path success to ZL on 80 
and 40, virtually all QSO's with ZL and Eastern VK from ZD8 is via Long 
I am not aware of there ever having been ZL/VK-ZD8 QSO on Top Band but 
perhaps someone was once lucky.

2.  In an effort to satisfy the need for VK/ZL to work ZD8, I will make a 
special effort in the upcoming CW contest, and will be listening in your 
direction, both SP and LP at my sunrise (say 0630-0730Z) on November 29 
and 30.  Frequencies will be 1830, 3530, and 7030.  I will also try 1830 
around my sunset (1845-1900Z).

I cannot promise much activity from ZD8 after this year so this may 
represent a vanishing opportunity to work the island, especially on the 
long path.  Any successes here should find your QSL via VE3HO.

              Vy 73


                 Jim Neiger    N6TJ/ZD8Z

                 jneiger at xti.com

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