[CQ-Contest] NWT and SS

Tim Ellam TELLAM at mccarthy.ca
Wed Nov 12 10:59:34 EST 1997

I have just found out I can get a "lift" to VE8 over the weekend. If I can
get my act together I will run QRP(yes I am a masochist) signing /8. Since
Ken K6FO(?) is planning a big effort from VY1JA I will likely concentrate
on S&P.  I have a fairly good location only a stones through from VE7.
While I am in a valley with mountains to the west,east and north I do have
a clear shot to the south!

When I did this last year there was some confusion because I signed /8
rather than/VE8(albeit it was during the SS test!) -anyway a heads up!


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