[CQ-Contest] Multi-op categories

T A RUSSELL n4kg at juno.com
Thu Nov 13 08:27:49 EST 1997

K2WR states that if you can field a statation on all bands, you should
enter M/M to provide more contacts to other participants.  This
reflects an east coast misconception that several bands are productive
at once, most of the day.  From west of the Hudson, this is simply not
true.  At best, the rest of the country has two good bands for rate at
any one time.  Adding more multi-multi's will merely clog the marginal
bands with unanswered CQ's and increase complaints about disruption
from contests.

Suggesting that all stations capable of M/M should enter as M/M also
ignores the fact that it is increasingly difficult to recruit a
sufficient number of operators.  Even W3LPL has to work hard to staff
all positions.  There are SEVERAL BIG stations in TEXAS which go
unmanned due to loss of interest.  After building these super stations
they found they could NOT beat the geographically advantaged East
Coast M/M's.  (Contest participation from Japan has declined and the
East coast enjoys an hour of high rate European runs while the rest of
the country is shut out by darkness, leading some less observant
easterners to believe they have a monopoly on contesting operating

de Tom  N4KG 

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