[CQ-Contest] DX in Sweepstakes!

Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
Thu Nov 13 00:26:01 EST 1997

Hmmm... I must admit that I had never thought about working DX in the 
Sweepstakes before.  But living here in DX heaven, with one 20m and one 15m 
beam always pointed at EU, the idea is an appealing one.  Perhaps this 
could be the equalizer that the suffering northeasterners have been looking 
for to surpass those over fortunate (from an SS stand point) W5's!

The end to the Sunday blues... just beam EU on 20m.

All we have to do is figure out what section they are in.  I know -- we can 
even encourage DX activity by making them another section (for a nice round 
number of 80).  Even better, let's add DXCC countries as mults...

Randy, K5ZD

(Now I know what to put in the results write-up.)

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