[CQ-Contest] DX in Sweepstakes!

Nate Bargmann ka0rny at midusa.net
Thu Nov 13 12:30:44 EST 1997

Hi Randy.

> The end to the Sunday blues... just beam EU on 20m.
> All we have to do is figure out what section they are in.  I know -- we can 
> even encourage DX activity by making them another section (for a nice round 
> number of 80).  Even better, let's add DXCC countries as mults...
> Randy, K5ZD
> (Now I know what to put in the results write-up.)

I've read this thread since the beginning and have read all the 
discussion.  Let's not make SS another DX 'test, don't we have enough 
of those already?  For me the appeal of SS is that it involves all 
U.S. states and territories and Canadian provices.  If DX is 
encouraged as point contacts, I'm afraid the loud running stations 
would focus on DX, then many of us low power guys with low wire 
antennas may get ignored especially if individual countries counted 
as one mult each.  

Part of the appeal of SS is that if the perenial leaders 
are to get more Q's then it is in everyone's interest to involve as 
many casual ops in the US/VE in SS as possible.  ARRL's PINS award 
and sweep coffee cups along with certificates for section leaders in 
each category have done much to keep activity fairly high even during 
the past suspot doldrums.  In short I think SS is truly unique 
because of the extensive exchange and the limited geographic area 
(consequently the limited pool of potential QSOs) the contest covers.

We already have three major DX contests for each mode annually and 
Field Day allows DX contacts for point credit.  As it is currently 
structured, SS is unique among the major operating events and I think 
the ARRL would be wrong to tinker with a formula that is currently 
working fairly well as I see it.

73, de Nate >>

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