[CQ-Contest] SS Web Cam High School

Allan Cameron, N7UJJ acameron at hayden.edu
Fri Nov 14 15:05:37 EST 1997

The Carl Hayden High School ARC, KC7KFF, will be contesting from
our school this weekend.  I think we may be the only high school
that participates in Sweepstakes.

Anyway, the kids put one of those cheap cameras in the radio room, facing
our main station and it will be sending out live pictures of what is
going on in the room.  Check it out anytime, but no one will be
there until one hour befor the contest starts.  The picture updates 
every 10 seconds or so.

The quality is pretty contrast poor ("but Cameron, we don't want to
increase the bandwidth requirements to support 256 gray scale")  They
are all smarter than me!!!

The Carl Hayden CONTEST HAM CAM:

Allan, N7UJJ

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