[CQ-Contest] Sometimes you gotta do it

frenaye at pcnet.com frenaye at pcnet.com
Fri Nov 14 19:01:28 EST 1997

Remember those tongue-in-cheek messages about polishing antenna elements a 
few months back?  Well... here's an excerpt from a message about some 
antenna work done by KC1XX and crew at W1AW early last week:

> The upper 20 meter yagi used for both visitor operations and bulletin 
> transmissions was not functioning properly.  The driven element was 
> cleaned and had its hardware replaced, it now functions properly.
> Joe (with assistance from Scott) repaired and cleaned the driven element 
> on the upper 20 meter rotatable yagi.  Joe also continued working on 
> installing the hard-line to our antenna bulkhead located in the cellar.

Guess I have my work cut out for me next spring!

			73 Tom

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