[CQ-Contest] Competing

Jim George, N3BB N3BB at easy.com
Sat Nov 15 18:39:22 EST 1997

>Spike Lazar wrote:
>>   There are people on this reflector who appreciate the opportunity
>>   of competing and derive more satisfaction in just the challenge,
>>   than you may ever achieve by winning.
>>   Sincerely,
>>   dr. Bafoofnik,
>Hi Spike.  There are lots of way you can win without being Nr. 1.  I
>always feel if I beat last years score, I'm a winner. I have a couple of
>buddies I compete against, and if I beat them I'm a winner.  I have
>managed to win a few ceritficates with really meager equipment.  I'm
>running a FT-840, three element home brew 20 meter beam and wires.  I
>have more fun just seeing what I can do with what I got then worrying
>what some one else has got!!  73
>Tom W7WHY

I agree!

This reminds me of running-I mean 5Ks, 10Ks and marathons etc.  There are
the gazelles who are 157 pounds and who do 50 miles per week routinely.  I
never could compete with them.  If I were concerned only with being in the
top ten, then it wouod be hopeless.  In running, there are numerous battles
back in the pack-where people gather in like-groups and spend 10 minutes or
even hours running along together.  There is good competition back there,
and it is important to those that they can stay with, or pull ahead, of
others who they know.

Ham radio contyesting is tougher, in the sense that the contact during the
"race" is over the air.  In some contests, we can get a number that
indicates how the other person is doing.  The WAE, sprint and the SS are
good examples of that.  The real fun is the comparisons with others who are
set up, or have similar skill levels, to each of us.

Jim, N3BB

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