[CQ-Contest] Categories or "hiding-places" ?

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Sun Nov 16 00:58:56 EST 1997

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Just 5 days ago I did post a message were it was shown my view-point
on the high number of "new" categories requests. To summarize in a sentence:

"It's ridiculous, typical of "static" people and out of the contest spirit 
(and of any competition) asking and asking new rules and categories as
to tailor entrances under individual requirements. Accept the competition,
deal, compare own result with people of your area, learn, do it again".

Well, it seems the great majority it's thinking different (only k4oj
did say in favour) the rest was not against, but...


Then, a peace-setter suggestion is to ask committees for new categories
under personal 1st and second name and date of birth, like this the chance
of winning (or ...to have fun... ) should be finally high.
Everyone could be stisfied as already figuring himself hanging the wall 
this (his) "precious and very much fighted yearly award".
(I suggest everyone will sponsor his own award/trophy)
Under this democratical choice, everyone could choose, but still keeping 
the highest risk to win, among this challanging category:

1) A personalized Time/s period. ( I suggest 1 minute to save time )
2) SO and MO with few or many ops, with or without limitations.
3) Packet Yes or No.
4) A power level in any step.
5) Big or small antennas.
6) Unique or multiple rig.
7) Unique or multiple shack.
8) Small or big antennas. (may be also a dummy load could win)
9) Geographical Area.

Apart any joke, what's really surprising me, 99% of this reflector mail
came from USA and VE, is:
Where did it go the spirit of the "American Dream" ?

....or does it include a foppish attitude to refuse any real competition
and to deal seriously ?

The history I read about America and his pioneers, did report an opposite
nature of the American People, I thought it could be naturally applied to
ham-radio contesting too.

Sorry for bandwidth, but real contesting it's great !

Mauri, I4JMY (one of IR4T)

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