[CQ-Contest] RBS= Super Service

MarchandJohn jmarchand at ecrm.com
Mon Nov 17 08:22:27 EST 1997

Hi all,

Thanks to those who passed along the phone number for thr Radio Bookstore
in Ringe NH
RBS  POBox 209 Rindge, New Hampshire  03461-0209
ph  1-800-457-7373 fax 1-603-899-6826

I called Craig around 1400 local on Friday and ordered a copy of NA
logging software. Talking to Craig is like talking to an old friend
and conducting business painlessly at the same time. Its enjoyable to
talk to a friendly human on the first call....

Anyway, he asked if I needed the S/W for the SS this weekend, but I
said "Naw, as long as I get it for the CQ World War."

He made a special trip down to the PO in Mass from NH to mail the s/w
and between him and the Post Office, I had the pkg in my mailbox
around 1430 on Saturday afternoon. (your results may vary with

As my Great Granpappy usta say: "If dat ain't service, nuttin' is!"

I have no affiliation with the RBS except that I'm a satisfied
customer who received a good product and service at a fair price.

I just wanted to pass along credit where due.

John K1RC
35 mi NW of Boston

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