[CQ-Contest] SS Pins question

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Mon Nov 17 10:09:53 EST 1997

> Maybe someone can answer this question, or point me to someone who can.  
> I E-mailed my CW SS log and will be E-mailing my SSB log.  How do I 
> apply for the 100+ Q Pin?  The directions in QST assume you send it 
> through snail mail.

I haven't requested pins the last few years since sending in e-mail logs
but I have called and submitted my credit card info for other items
submitted by e-mail or FAX's. 

Just recently I FAX'd a copy of my vanity license and followed with a
telephone call with credit card for payment for the Extra Class

I would call ARRL and ask to speak to Billy Lunt and give in your credit
card number for the pin. Maybe waiting a while might help as the pins
will be sent after the results are published in May 98.

       73, Bob, W2CE


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