[CQ-Contest] Guest Operators

Billy W. Cox Jr aa4nu at ix.netcom.com
Wed Nov 19 02:10:02 EST 1997

David (and all the other new or teen ops lurking on here)

Hang in there ! Do the best you can AND abit MORE each time you
CONTEST ... strive to compete as best you can ... Here's a secret to
remember ... it's NOT all HARDWARE, sure it helps ...

But without the GRAYWARE and YOUR mindset to go the full distance, all
the hardware in the nation won't make you a Winner ...

It's not the classes (or lack there of), it's not the latest greatest
toys, or where you live (did I, a W4 in Tenn just say that?), it's
what is inside you that makes you a real Contestor and a Winner ...

As K4OJ and others state, you are given the opportunity to compete,
but that's it ... what You will do with it lies with You ... There are
NO "give-me's" in true Contesting, while we will argue and fuss among
ourselves about anything AND everything, we all start with an empty
log and the same hours ahead of us. That's the part of this that keeps
many of us coming back again and again despite all the problems and
"un-level playing fields" we love to fuss about.

We know what lies before us and we accept it on those terms.

Build your skills TODAY for when you find yourself TOMORROW in "the
chair" of that super Guest Station but realize that NOW is the time to
prepare Yourself for THAT opportunity ... Be Ready ...

And years from now, when you are "in the top ten", think back and
remember the "David" that will come after you, and pass it on ... Look
around and you'll see that many others on here have come up the ranks
and have NOT forgot what it was like to be 14 and want to really
compete ...

You'll find a 'guest chair' soon enough, just be ready ... there are
no shortcuts to take ... it will be your efforts and work.

73 Billy AA4NU

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