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N9YXA-Cedrick Johnson n9yxa at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 21 23:43:09 EST 1997

Hello. I have been reading the messages about this topic, and decided 
to come out with my statement.

All of the best antennas, amps, rigs, switching devices, etc. won't 
equal up to operating tactics. Sometimes you have to revert back to 
the "hard way" (wires, 100W or less) and learn how to become an 
exceptional "hard way" operator, so that once you get the Best Of The 
Best, you will be with the Best. I've experienced this firsthand (not 
the Best Of the Best Part). This time last year, my Kenwood TS-180S 
was in the shop. So, I went and borrowed a reciever and transmitter 
(separate units) for the first time and ran CQWW SSB. The things I 
learned from that, I put in practice for NAQP SSB from WA9TPQ
's house (Best Of the Best), and took 1st in Illinois, 3rd in the 
Great Lakes Region. 

I am 16, and here's my advice to my fellow hams:
Hang in there. Rough it out with the "hard way" equipment. Then, once 
you get the money to get the "Best Of The Best", you will know how to 
operate in such a manner that you will eventually become 1st in 
something.. Keep striving, always improving..

Let me get off the soapbox before I type a 50 page report!
de N9YXA

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