[CQ-Contest] Locals in ARRL 10 Meter Test

Dan Weisenburger kw4t at erols.com
Thu Nov 20 10:21:23 EST 1997

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Greetings Fellow Earthlings,

The comments to invite that darn kid over for a contest just happens to
be similar to what's going on here for the ARRL 10 Meter Test next
month.  A few of the newer hams on our local  resqueaker asked what was
this "SS" stuff last weekend and that if they had know how to get into
it they would have.

Thus was born the idea of having the new guys (and old guys too) come
over for the ARRL 10 Meter Test.  The plan is to try to find a couple of
rigs that can interface to CT and run one on CW and the other on phone.
My 40 meter wires will come down and I'll put up a horizontal 3/2 wave
dipole for phone and  hang a 3/2 wave vertical dipole from the big
tree.  Each radio will use a seperate callsign draw from the hat of the
available/agreeable operators.  It is even possible that we will switch
calls every few hours to make more stations available for the operators.

This will not be a shooting at any score or points and the League might
even just want our logs as check logs.  The goal is to get one or more
contesters interested and to do it with a minimal station and
demonstrate the ease of computer duping.

I'm inviting basically everybody that's interested from two local clubs
and of course if any fellow PVRC'rs want to come by to help with
coaching  or even operate, please feel free.

If this is successful we might make it an yearly event and maybe even do
the same thing for the IARU, but I'd probably have to build a tower or

I wonder if anyone has done anything like this in the past and if you
have any tips besides get plenty of Pizza.

I'll keep Y'all posted on how it goes.

73 from Lake Moneysgone,  Dan,  KW4T

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