[CQ-Contest] new categories...what am I missing?

DavidHarper at tx.slr.com DavidHarper at tx.slr.com
Thu Nov 20 09:39:47 EST 1997

Doug sez:

> 1. There are PLENTY of categories in CQWW now.  You can enter as qrp
> on 10
> meters, assisted on 15 meters, HP 20, SOABHP, SOABLP, M/S, M/M, etc.

Agreed - but one thing that I do think is lacking, being the little gun
that I am, is a low-power category for any of the Assisted classes.
Most of the classes (except multis) have a low power category including
the single band classes, but the Assisted all-band and single-band
classes have high power only.  Of course, if they add that, then the QRP
guys will start asking for QRP-Assisted etc.  :-)

Dave WD5N    VP5EA   (planning my usual SOAB-LP, but trying to get over
an illness and if I'm still not 100% I might try 15M-LP)
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