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Richard L. King k5na at bga.com
Thu Nov 20 15:56:59 EST 1997

At 09:39 AM 11/20/97 -0500, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-11-20 09:12:53 EST, N4KG wrote:
><< Creation of a Multi-operator ONE-transmitter category would fill
> the gap for many who are not willing or able to compete as a
> single operator for 48 hours.  Such a category may even attract
> participation from those who have abandoned serious contesting
> because they no longer wish to compete as single operators and
> do not have the wherewithall to compete in the large Multi classes >>
>1. There are PLENTY of categories in CQWW now.  You can enter as qrp on 10
>meters, assisted on 15 meters, HP 20, SOABHP, SOABLP, M/S, M/M, etc.

There are too many categories now and it appears that most of the old ones
were created to satisify small groups of people who have influence with the
CQWW committee. Who asked for, and got, a QRP 10 meter category anyway?

>2. For 1996, over 30% of ALL entrants earned a CERTIFICATE (on BOTH modes!).

Again that's too many. Sounds like a big giveaway to keep a lot of people

>3. If you can't operate a 48 hour contest, you can always enter as MONOBAND.
> If you're a nightbird, work 160/80/40...If you like daylight hours only, try
>10 or 15.  You can COMPETE and even WIN with only a total of 24 hours (or
>less!) effort.

I like to COMPETE. It's the WIN thing that eludes me.

>4.  If you like company, you can go assisted.

I'm sure the computer has satisified many a lonely heart.

>5. If you like HUMAN company, invite a buddy over.  If BOTH of you are "old
>and tired," then EACH of you can do a single band effort (different bands)
>from a common location.  You BOTH might even WIN!

And if there is only one radio, you are assured of only being able to
operate for 24 hours, max. Unless the other guy oversleeps.

>6. If your group  doesn't care how "competitive" you are, do a m/s and NOT
>make the top 5 or 10 in the world...so what?  How did you do in your
>state/zone?  Make it personal!

Sounds great! That would be perfect. But how will you know who the other
one-radio M/S stations were? Will they be listed? Can we E-mail someone on
the committee and ask? Then who? 

>7. If you don't like the constraints of m/s, go m/m and have as much fun as
>you like with no time limits on band changing.  No, you won't be
>"competitive" but you WILL have fun.  How many of the m/m entrants think they
>even have a chance to win?  NOT MANY!  But they still get on.

True, and I still don't think I can win M/M. Even if I use more than one

>8.  There is always the ARRL DX 'test

Thanks for noticing. It's a nice contest too.

>9.  Try the All Asia!  :-)  [make sure to use the right forms]

I hate telling people how old I am.

>[the opinions expressed are my own are are not necessarily representative of
>any group or committee with which I may be associated]
>de Doug KR2Q

What happened to number 10? All lists are supposed to have ten, aren't
they? How about:

10. If you need more than one radio to compete, then you should go out and
buy another radio. After all, Christmas is just around the corner.

Sorry folks but I could resist taking the shot as long as my old buddy Doug
keeps standing up with a target on his shirt.

73, Richard


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