[CQ-Contest] Extra ops needed -- W0TM Colorado

Gary Yantis gyantis at midtec.com
Thu Nov 20 13:15:34 EST 1997

We could use one or two more experienced CW contest ops for CQWW 
CW. "Soon to be experienced" welcome too if you don't mind the late night shift.  W0TM located on mountain top 20 miles west of Vail.  40 mile line-of-sight (great for VHF but helps on HF too).  Multi-single.  Main rig: FT1000MP, Alpha 91B, KT34XA, 2 el 40 and dipole on 80/160.  Multiplier rig: KW plus vertical.  Computers CT networked, CW interfaces, FT1000MP control, etc.  Three extra bedrooms plus I'll provide the food.  OK to stay Monday to ski if you want.  Current ops include W0TM, N0KE, K0CL and W1XE.  Anyone interested?

Gary, W0TM
gyantis at midtec.com

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