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Ron Hooper ab4ru at stc.net
Thu Nov 20 12:50:20 EST 1997

> I wish there was more of this opportunity around for the young
> > guys.  There is definately a bunch of them out there.  If you have a
> > station, think about inviting a kid over and give them a chance.
> Hello. I am 16 years old. I am very thankful, that I've been able to
> operate from several "medium guns" in my area. It has made a positive
> impact on me, and if it wasn't for the people that inspired me to keep on
> trying in contesting, I wouldn't be here contesting today.

That is a good idea, folks. If some of us would take the time to invite
some of the new hams into our shacks it would help preserve contesting
for future generations. It should be a goal for every seasoned contester
to get another ham involved with contesting and even better the code.
Ron W4WA

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