[CQ-Contest] claiming credit for a KNOWN busted call?????

Richard L. King k5na at bga.com
Thu Nov 20 16:08:29 EST 1997

At 07:49 AM 11/20/97 -0800, you wrote:
>On Thu, 20 Nov 1997 owner-cq-contest at contesting.com wrote:
>> If you KNOW that the other guy got your call WRONG, then NO qso took place!
>Hi Doug and all,
>I can't believe there is even anyone who doesn't think this way! If the
>call is wrong, it's NO contact.
>Same goes when you ask for a repeat of the exchange and he is no longer 
>there! I just delete the contact and get on with life.
>It's either right or it doesn't count. (For either station!)

Wasn't there once a rule in SweepStakes that said the two points for each
SS QSO was the sum of one point for correctly receiving the data and the
other point for correctly sending the data? I don't know if that is still
the rule or not?

That would imply that a busted call or exchange would still be worth one
point. If you knew the other guy had busted your call, then you would only
claim one point credit for the QSO in your log and summary sheet.

Thirty years ago, it was common to only count one point for a QSO where you
didn't copy the entire exchange sent to you but you felt confident the
other guy had gotten your information.

I wonder if this is still the case? Or is old age starting to effect my

73, Richard

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