[CQ-Contest] claiming credit for a KNOWN busted call?????

Andrew Williamson andrew at gi0nwg.demon.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 20:28:43 EST 1997

Interesting topic.  There is of course the flip-side to this where you
DON'T know the other guy has your call wrong.  I've seen this numerous
times in the log-checkers report which shows up some surprising events.
When the other guy gets my call wrong and I don't know it, I think it is
quite correct for me to gain credit for the contact.  However, the guy
who copied MY call wrong should lose the points (as is the case with
CQWW scoring).  This really only happens when I'm running and the other
guy doesn't send my call.  As I'm CQing, I think it's reasonable to
assume the other guy has got my call after a couple of attempts.  If
not, he should listen to my CQ a couple more times.  Even when rates are
high I always give my call at least every other contact (usually every

When contesting from GI0KOW in CQWW CW, the log-checkers report shows
that someone has logged me as GI3KOW.  A few minutes later a couple of
others in the same geographical region also logged me as GI3KOW.  I
honestly believe this is a case of watching the DXcluster for spots and
not bothering to check my callsign even though it was spotted
incorrectly.  I wonder were these later stations in the un-assisted
category (I must check CQ some time).... oops, sorry, that's another
kettle of fish entirely......  

C U all in CQWW CW from GI0KOW.

Vy 73,

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