[CQ-Contest] YO DX HF Contest - results available

yo3ctk yo3ctk at alltrom.ro
Fri Nov 21 09:37:11 EST 1997

Hello everybody,

The results for 1997 YO DX Contest are available on my Web page:


This is just a short preview:


The 46th edition of the International Shortwave Championship of Romania
YO-DX-HF gathered over 600 foreign amateur radio stations and 89
competitors from Romania. A number of 108 foreign competitors have sent
their logs and have been classified in this contest. The titles of
International Shortwave Champion of Romania were granted as follows:

	Romanian Stations: YO8KDD
	DX Stations:       RZ6HWA

Continental leaders:

Europe:		RZ6HWA	253.368 pts
Africa:		no entry
Asia:		RK9CWW	165.024 pts
North America:	K3ZO	 	  43.660 pts
South America:	LU1EWL	       308 pts
Oceania:	YB2BRW	       960 pts

Congratulations !

73 de Mike, YO3CTK

P.S. Results for this year High Speed Telegraphy Contest in Bulgaria
will be available shortly.

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