[CQ-Contest] New Comer to Contesting...

Brian Smith bdSmith at sftp.com
Fri Nov 21 11:49:07 EST 1997

I hope I am not appearing to ignorant if I ask for some tips or information on
contesting a a list of sites (other than Contesting.Com and k9fox) for
contesting.  I just started in contesting.  I participated in Field Day at 3
different sites, and I participated in the Nov. SS CW & Phone.  It seems that
the best stations are the ones that have beam antennas.  

I do not have the $$ to purchase a huge antenna farm, but would like to get a
beam antenna.  Would a 10m beam and a light duty rotator be a good start?  
Should I get a tribander?  Or is a vertical good enough?


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