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Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Fri Nov 21 22:08:56 EST 1997

On Thursday, November 20, 1997 15:30 PM, owner-cq-contest at contesting.com wrote:
>I4JMY asks:
>>Where did it go the spirit of the "American Dream" ?
>>....or does it include a foppish attitude to refuse any real competition
>>and to deal seriously ?
>>The history I read about America and his pioneers, did report an opposite
>>nature of the American People, I thought it could be naturally applied to
>>ham-radio contesting too.
>Mauri, in this day of "Political Correctness" and "Feely-Goody", it 
>sometimes seems that the old "American spirit" has gone out the window.  To 
>* When I started in ham radio in the 50's, nobody ever heard of "QRL?" or 
>"Is the Frequency in Use?"  We accepted QRM as a normal part of ham radio 
>and lived with it.  And we were proud of how four different QSOs could take 
>place on the same frequency at the same time, showing that the ham radio 
>operator was indeed a superior being who could economize spectrum use far 
>better than any other radio service.  

Maybe down on the General portion of the bands.  We, up in the Novice
portion of the bands were restricted to crystal-controlled operation.  How
many of us had a 7175 kc in our limited crystal inventory?  It seemed we
were all digging the same crystals out of bins in similar military surplus 

Our biggest breakthrough was the Hint&Kink that described how to grind 
the crystals to change frequency a little bit.  Grind to move up; pencil lead
the crystal to move down. It was enough.  

Besides, I don't believe the use of "QRL?" or "is the frequency in use?" has
anything to do with political correctness.  It was something my parents 
taught me when I was very young (and we knew nothing at all about ham 
radio) and that was: COURTESY.  Just a simple act of courtesy.  It works
in real life and it works in ham radio. 


But after a generation of 
>crystal-clear channelized FM repeater operation everybody now wants to 
>carry this over to HF by demanding a crystal-clear frequency 5 KHz. either 
>side and if he doesn't get it, he shouts "frequency in use" no matter how 
>far he has to move his dial to yell at the "offending" station.
>* We used to admire the W3MSK's, the W9EWC's and the K2GL's of the world 
>for their accomplishments and just saved and lived for the day when we 
>could emulate them. Now that some of us have managed to erect stations more 
>or less in the same ballpark we find ourselves criticized for "just pushing 
>F1 all day" while our moral superiors labor in the vineyards of S&P and 
>look for a contest category in which they can excel by changing the rules 
>instead of by doing it the old fashioned way.
>But, hey, it's still a lot of fun and there's still nothing else like it in 
>the world.

Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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