[CQ-Contest] Categories and Certificates

Doug Grant 0006008716 at MCIMAIL.COM
Fri Nov 21 22:10:48 EST 1997

KR2Q noted that 30% of entries in the WW won certificates last year. I suppose
that explains why so many people complain about late delivery - with so many
whiners...oops, I mean "winners", I suppose a few of the certificates will
be late.

In an effort to kill both birds with one stone (if you prefer, you can use
N0AX's Lemon Launcher for your weapon), I am pleased to announce a new service
to certificate-deprived, category-starved, Deserving Contesters being offered
by Bafoofnik Enterprises, in cooperation with Contesting, Inc.

When you submit your log to the contest sponsors, send another copy to
iwannawin at contesting.com, with a cover sheet defining your specific category.

If you are the winner of your category, your callsign will be posted at
www.whiners_oops_i_mean_winners.contesting.com, along with a form at the 
bottom of the listing. That form will request the preferred format of
award desired (prices will be listed to assist in your choice), and your
credit card number.

NOTE: Categories are claimed and posted on a first-come, first-served, first-
place basis, and word order of category matters. For example, if you notice
a posted winner in the "Over-50, One-Transmitter, No 160-antenna, Two OF Ops"
category, you can psot your score in the "Two OF Ops, No 160-Antenna, One-
transmitter, Over-50" category AND WIN!

After all, what's the sense of competing unless you're guaranteed an award?

Doug K1DG

p.s. WHoever suggested one contest, work everyone, keep it simple,
etc. is definitely onto something. Can we do it in Seattle again? I
liked that category.

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