[CQ-Contest] Announced DX Operations: CQWW CW 1997

Bill Feidt wfeidt at cpcug.org
Sat Nov 22 07:37:15 EST 1997

The NG3K list of announced operations for the forthcoming CQWW CW DX
Contest is available from the NG3K Web pages at the folowing URL: 


It currently contains information about 93 DX operations.  The page will
continue to be updated.  Additions and corrections should be sent to: 

  wfeidt at cpcug.org

In case of server/network outages, a mirror copy is also available from:


Good luck in the contest!

wfeidt at cpcug.org


William B. Feidt (Bill)  NG3K
wfeidt at cpcug.org

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