[CQ-Contest] "Polishing" Antennas

Steve Sacco KC2X kc2x at inspace.net
Sat Nov 22 08:07:30 EST 1997

Tom, K1KI made a comment a few days ago about polishing antennas...

There's a company called Collinite in Utica, NY which makes a product
called "Number 845 Insulator Wax".

>From the Description:

"...When used on high voltage power lines it prevents dangerous
"Flashovers", which can cause power failures, fires, and explosions."

Finally!  A way to stop those explosions I've been having in my back yard!

Living in Florida, I can't say that I've found a need to wax my antennas
(to prevent ice buildup).  I CAN say that I've been using this stuff on my
car (it's "Clear Coat Safe"), and it is, without a doubt, nearly

If anyone is seriously thinking of waxing their antennas, I believe that
this is the stuff to use.  It would probably be a smart move in areas where
you do get ice/snow.  

It's about $15 for a one pint bottle.

Steve KC2X

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