[CQ-Contest] Info on V26B..............

KyleTim at aol.com KyleTim at aol.com
Sat Nov 22 13:10:40 EST 1997

Hello everyone,

As usual I participated this year, in the CQ SSB Contest SWL Challenge.
Once again I really enjoyed it. 
During the contest I managed to listen to V26B on the 6 Bands. I know there
is a Certificat for OM's who contact them on 5 or 6 bands.
I wonder if this certificat would work for SWL's ? If someone knows would
they please tell me. If not, does WT3Q have a Email address?

Thanks a lot, best 73's from

Tim Kyle                   
French SWL F-16954 
F-16954 at iname.com 
28320 Gallardon         
France Europe
Any SWL'S reading this.. contact me !!

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