[CQ-Contest] Guest op, categories, etc

Rick Bullon kc5ajx at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 23:43:03 EST 1997

Hello all
 I have been following various threads on here and decided to post in 
one message instead of replying to several diferent messages.
  I would love to be at one of the big gun stations during a contest not  
to operate a big station but to see how the big guns do it and to learn 
to contest better. The reasons I can't is I have to work for a living 
and thus I can't get off in time on Fri to travel to a station in time 
for a contest as most I belive are a awys from here ( near the Ft worth 
Dallas area in Tx). I think there is one near Austin but I'm not sure. I 
could take a day or two of vacation to get arround this limitation. The 
biggest deterent is I'm a smoker and thus would not be welcome in most 
   The categories issue I don't understand. As I see it there should be 
the following classes:
  Single op
    SO low power
       No explaintion here you are the only op and you do all of it         
yourself NO Packet here under 100 watts power
    SO High power
        Same as above only power is above 100 watts
     SO single band in the lo and high power classes
         This is like the above except you stay on the same band the           
whole contest 
   Multi op
          More than one op but only 1 transmitter the other ops can logg           
or you can change ops when 1 gets tried no problem with a           
second rigs to spot multis but only one rig to transmit no run           
transmitter and one to run multis the second rig is to spot only           
and a backup is the run rig goes down.
     Multi op low power
           same as above but 100watts
     Multi op High power
            same as muti op but over 100watts
     SO assisted
           Single op using packet to sopt multis (as I see it this is 
the            same as having someone in the shack with you tuning 
another            rig looking for multis
           more than one op and one transmitter on each band can have            
other rigs to spot multis but as in the milti op only one signal per            
band and/or can use packet to spot multis.
           can have diferent sub classes for low power and high power (            
I can't see a multi/multi running low power but if you want you            
could no problem)
   I know this is basicly the ARRL classes. I just think that having one 
rig just to run multis and run to run CQ is not the way to go. The 
classes for low and high power make since. I don't want to complete 
against some one running a kw when I am running a 100 watts.
   The multi single  is for a few friends who want to have fun and spell 
each other at the rig, and for those who want to use packet.
The multi/multi is for the contest clubs who want to get everyone 
together and get on all the bands at one time these are the big guns 
that will have the HIGH scores.
   I know I have problably left something out and maybe offended some I 
don't mean to offend anyone these are just my opions, but as the young 
man posted ( I can't remeber his name or call sorry) basicly it is not 
how much equiptment you have but how well you use it
  As I've said before on here I am probably the most limited one on here 
I have one transmitter a vetical antenna and limited to 10 meters I'll 
never win any contest but I will have fun as long as 10 is opened.
   As a side note I only heard 2 stations on 10 durring SS so needless 
to say I didn't compete this time maybe it will be better next time.

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